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With limited space and millions of people to please, keeping the world’s biggest cities running smoothly is hard work. From Hong Kong’s bustling trade hubs to Delhi’s packed streets, find out what it takes to keep crowded, complicated and chaotic megacities moving.

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Discover the secret systems that keep the world’s most crowded, complicated and chaotic cities moving.

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Whether they’re hosting horse races in the heart of the city or battling to prevent crime and poverty, the people running our most iconic metropolises face difficult logistical and social challenges.

Discover how Mexico City keeps its 21 million inhabitants safe from earthquakes and volcanoes, and see how Delhi is coping with a rapidly growing population stretching its resources to the limit.

Presenters meet local people who offer an inside look at each city, from high-density housing in Hong Kong to the mega markets of Delhi. Discover the daily miracles and biggest problems in places where the benefits of employment and entertainment contrast with issues like pollution and inequality.

Meanwhile, Moscow’s incredible architecture and Hong Kong’s remnants of the British Empire show that the world’s busiest cities also have some of the richest histories.

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