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A legendary land known for its scorching hot deserts, red rock canyon lands, giant snow-capped mountains, and rugged shorelines. Welcome to America’s Wild West, home to a vibrant cast of tricksters, pioneers and outlaws, from the shrewd coyote to the feisty hummingbird, the mighty blue whale to the spirited mustang. The series explores this fascinating area of North America: the canyon lands, the high country and the shores. It reveals how these three radically different worlds were formed, the forces that shape them today and how life has found brave and enterprising to survive.

Wild West

Wild West

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Episode 1, Series 1

Saturday December 5 at 9:05am

Desert Heartlands

Episode 1 | Series 1

Discover the amazing ways nature has found to survive in the extremely testing land of the wild west.

Episode 2, Series 1

Saturday December 5 at 10:15am

The High Country

Episode 2 | Series 1

America's High Country is the land of grizzly bears and giant trees, of frigid winters and scorching summers, of tough ranchers and gold-rush fever.

Episode 3, Series 1

Saturday December 5 at 11:25am

Restless Shores

Episode 3 | Series 1

From the mysterious Sea of Cortez to the wild and elemental Pacific Ocean, powerful earth forces shape the coastline of the wild west.

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