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Brazil is the wild heart of South America, home to more species than any other country on the planet. But it is also a land of extremes, where animals must learn to adapt to survive.

This series follows the intimate lives of an exceptional set of animal characters as time moves from the vast floods of the wet season to the ravaging fires of the dry season.

Stories include the early days of a baby tufted capuchin, one of the cleverest monkeys in the world; the giant river otter family forced to go head to head with the local jaguars; and a young coati who must face life alone. They are surrounded by a colourful supporting cast including caiman and macaws, capybara, anteaters and the lurking menace of the jaguars.

Wild Brazil brings some of the country’s most iconic species to the screens in a fresh and exciting way, showcasing never-before-filmed behaviour, and giving amazing insights into their personalities and relationships.

Through exploring the lives of some of Brazil’s most beautiful, plucky and mischievous animals and the constantly changing landscapes they inhabit, Wild Brazil offers an intimate and unforgettable window on this exciting and vibrant country.

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Wild Brazil

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