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Patagonia is a landscape without definable borders, stretching across Chile and Argentina, running from 39 degrees to 56 degrees south of the equator.

This series explores the unfamiliar, haunted quality of Patagonia: a world of weird animals and strange landscapes, huge mountain ranges and windswept plains. It reveals how life survives and flourishes in these environments, from the ducklings who must fling themselves into glacial melt waters on the first day of life to the condors who must master the wild winds to the flamingos who seek out oases where the wind has made the water just salty enough to support the shrimps they rely on.

It also discovers how humans interact with this wild environment. Gauchos, Patagonia’s cowboys, rely on a strong relationship with their horses to sustain their livelihood, while in a modern twist, state-of-the-art wind farms are harnessing the power of these windswept plains. And on the coast – a ferocious meeting point for the Pacific, Atlantic and Antarctic oceans – divers pick scallops by hand.


Wild Patagonia

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