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With its lush tropical jungles, sunburnt orange deserts, snow-capped volcanoes and deep blue lakes, Mexico is bursting with colour and life. This series celebrates Mexico’s vibrant culture and fiesta of natural life, born from a unique combination of geology, geography and weather.

It’s not just Mexico’s wildlife that is fascinating. The country has a rich history and culture, full of ancient rituals and beliefs. Find out how farmers have been harvesting blue agave plants on Mexico’s tequila fields since the 1600s, discover the mysteries of the Mayan Empire and experience the spectacular Day of the Dead festival.

Wild Mexico

Wild Mexico

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Journey the length of Mexico along the majestic Sierra Madre mountains to discover an incredible diversity of life, from playful black bears and mischievous coatis to mythical quetzals and millions of monarch butterflies. Head to the legendary Yucatan peninsula to learn how black howler monkeys, Morelet’s crocodiles, Caribbean flamingos and modern Mayan farmers are at the mercy of the fickle seasons, and discover the spectacular labyrinth of flooded caves that brings life to the landscape.

From the scorched north to the tropical south, Wild Mexico explores a place where giant volcanoes simmer, mysterious animals thrive and worlds collide.

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