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Oscar-winning actor Kate Winslet, Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, international media personality and music mogul Sharon Osbourne, James Bond star Naomie Harris, comedian Katherine Ryan, television personality Mark Wright, and comedian and actor Jack Whitehall unravel their families’ pasts in this series.


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Episode 4, Series 10

Wednesday May 27 at 12:10pm

Lesley Sharp

Episode 4 | Series 10

Actress Lesley Sharp was adopted when she was five weeks old. She traced her birth mother over twenty years ago and found she was the result of her mother's affair.

Episode 5, Series 10

Thursday May 28 at 12:10pm

Gary Lineker

Episode 5 | Series 10

Sports presenter and former footballer Gary Lineker follows the trail of his great, great, great grandfather James Pratt, and discovers that James was a poacher in Victorian England…

Episode 6, Series 14

Thursday May 28 at 8:30pm


Episode 6 | Series 14

Pop star Lulu travels to Glasgow to get to the bottom of a family mystery.

Episode 8, Series 10

Friday May 29 at 12:10pm

Sarah Millican

Episode 8 | Series 10

Comedian Sarah Millican is astonished to discover that her three times great grandfather was one of the first ever divers in the world.

Episode 9, Series 10

Monday June 1 at 11:50am

Marianne Faithful

Episode 9 | Series 10

Singer Marianne Faithfull investigates her mother's life and whether there is any truth in the rumour that the family was involved with the Austrian Resistance.

Episode 10, Series 10

Tuesday June 2 at 11:50am

John Simpson

Episode 10 | Series 10

John Simpson always thought his great grandfather was Samuel F Cody. It was only later that John discovered that his great grandmother had run off with Cody.

Episode 6, Series 14

Tuesday June 2 at 10:30pm


Episode 6 | Series 14

Pop star Lulu travels to Glasgow to get to the bottom of a family mystery.

Episode 1, Series 11

Wednesday June 3 at 11:50am

Julie Walters

Episode 1 | Series 11

Actress and national treasure Julie Walters follows her roots back to rural Ireland.

Episode 2, Series 11

Thursday June 4 at 11:50am

Brian Blessed

Episode 2 | Series 11

Brian Blessed has always loved his name - but has no idea where his ancestors came from.

Episode 3, Series 11

Friday June 5 at 11:50am

Tamzin Outhwaite

Episode 3 | Series 11

New Tricks star Tamzin Outhwaite investigates her Italian ancestry.

Episode 4, Series 11

Monday June 8 at 12:00pm

Brendan O'Carroll

Episode 4 | Series 11

Brendan O' Carroll attempts to track down the men who murdered his grandfather.

Episode 5, Series 11

Tuesday June 9 at 11:50am

Sheridan Smith

Episode 5 | Series 11

Actress Sheridan Smith is keen to know where her musical talent comes from.

Episode 7, Series 14

Tuesday June 9 at 10:35pm

Fearne Cotton

Episode 7 | Series 14

Fearne Cotton learns about her Welsh great-grandfather who worked down a coal mine at 13.

Episode 6, Series 11

Wednesday June 10 at 11:50am

Mary Berry

Episode 6 | Series 11

Bake Off star Mary Berry sets off on a journey to find out more about her father's family.

Episode 7, Series 11

Thursday June 11 at 11:50am

Martin Shaw

Episode 7 | Series 11

Actor Martin Shaw investigates the story of his grandfather, who walked out on his family.

Episode 8, Series 11

Friday June 12 at 11:50am

Reggie Yates

Episode 8 | Series 11

Presenter and DJ Reggie Yates sets out on the trail of his grandfather.

Episode 9, Series 11

Monday June 15 at 12:00pm

Billy Connolly

Episode 9 | Series 11

Billy Connolly travels to India in the footsteps of his army ancestors.

Episode 10, Series 11

Tuesday June 16 at 11:50am


Episode 10 | Series 11

Twiggy sets off to investigate her Mum's family in Victorian London.

Episode 8, Series 14

Tuesday June 16 at 10:35pm

Noel Clarke

Episode 8 | Series 14

Noel Clarke visits the Caribbean to learn more about his family.

Episode 1, Series 12

Wednesday June 17 at 11:50am

Paul Hollywood

Episode 1 | Series 12

Baker Paul Hollywood finds out about his grandfather's experiences in World War II.

Episode 2, Series 12

Thursday June 18 at 11:50am

Jane Seymour

Episode 2 | Series 12

Actress Jane Seymour discovers what happened to her Polish relatives during World War II.

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