Who Do You Think You Are? Australia

Thursdays 8.30pm

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In Series 9 of “Who Do You Think You Are?”, our eight well-known Australians travel to destinations as diverse as they are to discover their unique personal histories.

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Follow eight well-known Australians as they explore their ancestry on journeys as diverse as they are.

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Actor Noni Hazlehurst delves into her parents’ wartime experiences to make sense of the terrible legacy those years left behind -- for both her parents and herself. Having explored her immediate family, she’s amazed to discover she’s descended from a long line of internationally renowned circus performers.

Renowned neurosurgeon, Charlie Teo, has always struggled with his cultural identity. His journey is a revelation to him: not only does he discover ancestors on his father’s side he can be proud of, he finds his mother had a rich heritage that allows him to make sense of his own personality traits.

Entertainer Natalie Imbruglia is on a mission to discover where her feisty nature comes from. Tracking her mother’s ancestors back to the First Fleet, she discovers generations of strong-willed and independent women who survived the privations of life both in New South Wales and in the fledgling colony of Norfolk Island.

Actor John Jarrett has always puzzled over the identity of his mysterious Chinese ancestor. Armed with DNA proof of Chinese blood flowing through his veins, he finds his answers on the goldfields of New South Wales before exploring the epic story of his war hero 4 x great grandfather.

Actor and performer Justine Clarke sets off to understand why her Jewish ancestors left Belarus to seek sanctuary in far off Australia and is astonished to find a long lost relative still living in Moscow.

Closer to home, she finds a 3 x great grandmother with a far from conventional life: her first husband is locked up for harbouring bushrangers and her second is an Irish rebel, transported to Australia for defying the English.

As he probes his father’s side of the family, award-winning performer Todd McKenney, finds a history he can take pride in and a newfound affinity with his father. In search of a colourful ancestor on his mother’s side, he discovers his 3 x great grandfather was a roguish Irish convict deported to Tasmania who transformed himself into one of Western Australia’s first successful businessmen.

Struggling to overcome feelings of abandonment, actor Ernie Dingo, looks into his father’s side and is brought face to face with both his history and his living relatives, forcing him to re-evaluate past perceptions. On his mother’s side, Ernie is determined to discover more about his enigmatic grandfather Jimmy Dingo, whose past is shrouded in myth and legend.

Showbiz identity Patti Newton wants to know more about the talented ancestor who she believes is pivotal in her own love of performance. The story that unfolds both delights and saddens her, but nothing prepares her for the shocking story of her great grandmother, accused of murdering her own grandchild.

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