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The 15th series of the original genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are? Returns with a star studded list of celebrity guests.

Who Do You Think You Are?

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Episode 2, Series 11

Wednesday October 23 at 10:55am

Brian Blessed

Episode 2 | Series 11

Brian Blessed has always loved his name - but has no idea where his ancestors came from.

Episode 3, Series 11

Thursday October 24 at 10:55am

Tamzin Outhwaite

Episode 3 | Series 11

New Tricks star Tamzin Outhwaite investigates her Italian ancestry.

Episode 4, Series 11

Friday October 25 at 10:45am

Brendan O'Carroll

Episode 4 | Series 11

Brendan O' Carroll attempts to track down the men who murdered his grandfather.

Episode 5, Series 11

Monday October 28 at 10:45am

Sheridan Smith

Episode 5 | Series 11

Actress Sheridan Smith is keen to know where her musical talent comes from.

Episode 6, Series 11

Tuesday October 29 at 10:45am

Mary Berry

Episode 6 | Series 11

Bake Off star Mary Berry sets off on a journey to find out more about her father's family.

Episode 7, Series 11

Wednesday October 30 at 10:35am

Martin Shaw

Episode 7 | Series 11

Actor Martin Shaw investigates the story of his grandfather, who walked out on his family.

Episode 8, Series 11

Thursday October 31 at 10:55am

Reggie Yates

Episode 8 | Series 11

Presenter and DJ Reggie Yates sets out on the trail of his grandfather.

Episode 9, Series 11

Friday November 1 at 10:55am

Billy Connolly

Episode 9 | Series 11

Billy Connolly travels to India in the footsteps of his army ancestors.

Episode 10, Series 11

Monday November 4 at 10:55am


Episode 10 | Series 11

Twiggy sets off to investigate her Mum's family in Victorian London.

Episode 1, Series 12

Tuesday November 5 at 10:55am

Paul Hollywood

Episode 1 | Series 12

Baker Paul Hollywood finds out about his grandfather's experiences in World War II.

Episode 2, Series 12

Wednesday November 6 at 10:55am

Jane Seymour

Episode 2 | Series 12

Actress Jane Seymour discovers what happened to her Polish relatives during World War II.

Episode 3, Series 12

Thursday November 7 at 10:55am

Derek Jacobi

Episode 3 | Series 12

Actor Derek Jacobi discovers that he is descended from a Huguenot fleeing persecution.

Episode 4, Series 12

Friday November 8 at 10:55am

Jerry Hall

Episode 4 | Series 12

Jerry Hall wants to find out how her family, originally from Oldham, ended up in America.

Episode 5, Series 12

Monday November 11 at 10:55am

Gareth Malone

Episode 5 | Series 12

Gareth Malone sets out to find out how far back his family's passion for music goes.

Episode 6, Series 12

Tuesday November 12 at 10:55am

Anne Reid

Episode 6 | Series 12

Actress Anne Reid sets out to find out more about the history of her father's family.

Episode 7, Series 12

Wednesday November 13 at 10:55am

Frank Gardner

Episode 7 | Series 12

Journalist Frank Gardner learns more about his mother's side of the family.

Episode 8, Series 12

Thursday November 14 at 10:55am

Anita Rani

Episode 8 | Series 12

Anita Rani find out what happened to her grandfather during the Partition of India.

Episode 9, Series 12

Friday November 15 at 10:55am

Mark Gatiss

Episode 9 | Series 12

Actor and writer Mark Gatiss untangles a tale of rags to riches in his family history.

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