Walking the Americas

Wednesdays at 8.30pm

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Explorer Levison Wood sets out to trek 1800 miles from Mexico to Colombia, through fascinating, beautiful and diverse regions, and meets people living everywhere from violent cities to deep jungle, avoiding escaped convicts and poisonous trees as they take in Mexico and Belize's jungles, the hurricane-wracked island of San Pedro and Guatemala's lawless wilderness of El Petén

Walking the Americas

Walking the Americas

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Episode 1, Series 1

Friday July 26 at 10:55am

Walking The Americas

Episode 1 | Series 1

Explorer Levison Wood and his guide Alberto take on a new expedition: to walk the 1800 miles from Mexico to Colombia. Traveling through fascinating, beautiful and diverse regions of…

Episode 2, Series 1

Monday July 29 at 10:40am

Walking The Americas

Episode 2 | Series 1

Levison and Alberto reach Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, partying in a unique Caribbean town, crossing stunning mountains, and visiting one of the world's most violent cities in…

Episode 3, Series 1

Tuesday July 30 at 10:50am

Walking The Americas

Episode 3 | Series 1

In Nicaragua and Costa Rica, Levison and Alberto trek through beautiful landscapes and colonial cities, climb active volcanoes and mountains,and navigate deadly highways.

Episode 4, Series 1

Wednesday July 31 at 11:00am

Walking The Americas

Episode 4 | Series 1

Levison and Alberto explore an uncharted vampire bat-infested cave, visit the Panama Canal, meet indigenous tribespeople and tackle the world's most dangerous stretch of jungle.

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