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Victoria’s reign continues with Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) returning for a third season, alongside Tom Hughes (Dancing the Edge). The global smash hit, created and written by acclaimed novelist Daisy Goodwin, draws on real-life events from Queen Victoria's own exhaustive diaries to paint a vivid portrait of her transformation from an impulsive eighteen year-old to her early years as wife, mother and head of a global empire, through cinematic production and an ensemble cast of award-winning talent.

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Victoria's reign continues

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Episode 4, Series 2

Monday January 25 at 10:40pm

The Sins Of The Father

Episode 4 | Series 2

Despite giving birth to a healthy prince, Victoria finds herself paralysed by sorrow.

Episode 5, Series 2

Monday February 1 at 10:40pm

Entente Cordiale

Episode 5 | Series 2

The Queen decides to try her hand at foreign relations, and takes the royal court on an adventure to France.

Episode 6, Series 2

Monday February 8 at 10:40pm

Faith, Hope And Charity

Episode 6 | Series 2

News of the horrific famine in Ireland Finally reaches the Queen.

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