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After being left destroyed by the chaos that had followed Jim and his alcoholic alter ego Jack Devlin (Tim Roth) from the UK, this new series picks up where we left our unlikely hero, cut off in the remote Rockies wilderness with his grieving and shell-shocked family struggling to come to terms with their ordeal.

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The new series returns with Jack, cut off in the remote Rockies wilderness with his grieving and shell shocked family

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Seeking refuge from her own parents, Anna is taken in by the God-fearing Nickel family, headed up by Pastor Johan (John Lynch) his wife Sarah (Anamaria Marinca) and daughter Rosa (Jenessa Grant), and hidden with the Ammonites - a religious community close to Little Big Bear.

However the peaceful prairie family are harbouring secrets of their own and it's not long before Anna is forced to seek her father’s help, as an altogether more hellish threat emerges. If Jim is to find a way to save his family, atone for his sins he must form an uneasy alliance in the battle for forgiveness…

Next On

Episode 5, Series 1

Thursday June 4 at 8:30pm


Episode 5 | Series 1

With Jim banished from his family home, Angela decides to take the security of her family into her own hands. Whitey's uncle Frank attempts to take advantage of the oil boom.

Episode 6, Series 1

Thursday June 4 at 9:20pm


Episode 6 | Series 1

Devastated by the consequences of Jim's swift and violent response to his kidnap attempt, Whitey's anguish drives him deeper into recklessness.

Episode 7, Series 1

Thursday June 11 at 8:30pm


Episode 7 | Series 1

Jack's excessive reaction to the burgeoning connection between Whitey and Anna succeeds only in driving his daughter further away from him.

Episode 8, Series 1

Thursday June 11 at 9:20pm

This Be The Verse

Episode 8 | Series 1

Despite the ravages of alcohol taking hold, Jack is starting to piece events together. Long-buried horrors from his past are resurfacing, offering tantalising glimpses of the truth…

Episode 9, Series 1

Thursday June 18 at 8:30pm

Fortunate Boy

Episode 9 | Series 1

We go back 10 years, and across the Atlantic, to meet Jack Devlin, undercover and at the peak of his drug and booze addiction.

Episode 10, Series 1

Thursday June 18 at 9:20pm

My Love Is Vengeance

Episode 10 | Series 1

Upon learning the identity of the killer, Jack abandons any remaining semblance of being the town's symbol of law and order. Both he and Angela head into the mountains to bring things…

Episode 1, Series 2

Thursday June 25 at 8:30pm

Prairie Gothic

Episode 1 | Series 2

Anna flees to an Ammonite community where she is taken in by the mysterious Nickel family. Jim has to try and repair his bruised and battered relationship with Anna and his wife Angela…

Episode 2, Series 2

Thursday June 25 at 9:20pm

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Episode 2 | Series 2

Anna is taken into hospital by Ammonite teenager Rosa Nickel and her mother. Jim tries to repair the damage Jack has caused and Angela finds an unlikely ally

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