Three Girls

Starts October 12 at 8.30pm

Show Synopsis

From the team behind the highly acclaimed Five Daughters comes this poignant and powerful drama about a childhood friendship broken by abuse and under-age girls betrayed by the very system that should have kept them safe.

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Based on the true stories of the victims of the Rochdale sexual abuse scandal and made with their full co-operation, this searingly honest three-parter is part thriller and part miscarriage-of-justice drama.

Carefully researched and featuring a strong cast, it follows three once carefree youngsters as they pluck up the courage to tell the authorities about the grooming and abuse – only to find that those who should have protected them just don’t want to know.

As the situation takes its toll on the girls and their families, they finally make themselves heard, braving the courtroom to help convict nine men for the crimes.

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