The Missing

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When a young woman walks back into the town she was abducted from 11 years previously, it is revealed that she holds vital clues about another missing girl.

French detective, Julien Baptiste, becomes embroiled in the mystery when he races across Europe to pursue a 12 year-old case.

The Missing II dramatizes a thrilling chase for a missing girl, whilst exploring the truth of what happens when a missing child returns.

Season 2 Preview

Season 2 Preview

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The Missing

A young British woman stumbles through the streets of her German hometown and collapses. Her name is Alice Webster, and she has been missing for 11 years.

Alice’s return sends shockwaves through this small community. Where has she been? Who has been holding her? And who was she held with? A local German man is identified as the abductor, but he and his wife plead innocence.

As Alice’s family is thrown back into turmoil that threatens to tear them apart, we begin to explore the murky morality and emotional complexity of what happens when the missing child you've been longing to return actually comes back.

Told through the same narrative structure of past and present that made series 1 of THE MISSING such compelling viewing, this gripping new case will take you on a journey of twists and turns in search for the truth about what happened to Alice.

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Episode 7, Series 1

Tuesday August 20 at 9:30pm

Return To Eden

Episode 7 | Series 1

Three years after Oliver's disappearance and no significant progress has been made in the case. Tony and Emily's marriage is hanging by a thread. The case takes an unexpected turn.

Episode 8, Series 1

Tuesday August 20 at 10:35pm

'till Death

Episode 8 | Series 1

New evidence brings Tony, Emily, Julien and Mark ever closer to finding out the truth behind Oliver's disappearance.

Episode 4, Series 2

Saturday August 24 at 10:15pm


Episode 4 | Series 2

Gemma is forced to face up to the destruction wrought on her family.

Episode 5, Series 2

Saturday August 31 at 10:10pm

Das Vergessen

Episode 5 | Series 2

Julien and Jorn's investigation leads them further into the murky underbelly of Eckhausen.

Episode 1, Series 2

Friday September 6 at 9:20pm

Come Home

Episode 1 | Series 2

A young British woman stumbles through the streets of Eckhausen in Germany and collapses. Her name is Alice Webster, and she was abducted from the same town 11 years ago.

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