The Life Swap Adventure

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Imagine you could get a taste of the different life you’ve always dreamed of. This series takes people at a crossroads in their lives and drops them, unprepared and blindfolded, into a surprise location thousands of miles away. As they adjust to a job and lifestyle very different to their own, what will they learn about the unknown person settling into their world back home? And will this unforgettable experience be the catalyst they need to resolve the dilemma they’ve been facing?

What if you could switch places with a stranger across the world and walk in their shoes for two weeks?

What if you could switch places with a stranger across the world and walk in their shoes for two weeks?

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Episode 1, Series 1

Friday July 26 at 11:55am

Malawi/ Essex

Episode 1 | Series 1

Two fathers from opposite sides of the globe are dropped into each other's worlds for one week, taking on the challenge of living in a family and culture totally different from their…

Episode 2, Series 1

Monday July 29 at 11:40am

Alaska/ Nottingham

Episode 2 | Series 1

A B&B owner from Alaska swaps lives with a military wife and nurse from Nottingham. Two women in their fifties wondering what their next steps should be, immerse themselves in a new…

Episode 3, Series 1

Tuesday July 30 at 11:50am

Guyana/ London

Episode 3 | Series 1

A hunter from the Amazon rainforest swaps lives with a civil servant from London. One will be confronted by modern living while the other will journey to the middle of the jungle.

Episode 4, Series 1

Wednesday July 31 at 12:00pm

Taipei/ Lancashire

Episode 4 | Series 1

A businesswoman from one of the world's busiest cities swaps lives with a British fisherwoman from a rural coastal community. The two are thinking about retirement when thrown into…

Episode 5, Series 1

Thursday August 1 at 11:35am

Nashville/ Wales

Episode 5 | Series 1

Two young men in their twenties from opposite sides of the world find themselves at a crossroads. Both are heirs to lucrative family businesses and must decide whether to settle down…

Episode 6, Series 1

Friday August 2 at 11:35am

Norway/ Devon

Episode 6 | Series 1

Two young men in their thirties and both recently married are unsure if they can commit to changing their lives and committing to farming life full-time.

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