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Series 2 starts April 16

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Claire Goose stars in this crime-solving drama series set against a beautiful coastal backdrop

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Crime investigations in a picture postcard location are at the heart of this appealing series as a highflying city solicitor returns to live and work in the small town she escaped as a teenager.

Jane Kennedy’s role as coroner for this beautiful seaside region is to seek justice for the dead. She finds herself working alongside old flame Davey – now the local detective sergeant – to investigate the sudden or unexplained deaths of residents and tourists alike.

The Coroner features a new and intriguing case in each episode, starting with the discovery of a body. Running alongside each mystery is the warm-hearted ebb and flow of Jane’s relationships with colleagues, family and the local community.

Next On

Episode 1, Series 1

Wednesday March 3 at 12:30am

First Love

Episode 1 | Series 1

When a teenager is found dead at the foot of a tower, Coroner Jane Kennedy thinks there is more to the case than meets the eye.

Episode 9, Series 2

Wednesday March 3 at 4:25pm

Pieces Of Eight

Episode 9 | Series 2

Lighthaven's Pirate Festival provides the perfect cover for a robbery.

Episode 2, Series 1

Thursday March 4 at 12:30am

How To Catch A Lobster

Episode 2 | Series 1

When a body washes up on the shore, Jane is convinced it's a botched sea burial, but Davey believes otherwise.

Episode 10, Series 2

Thursday March 4 at 4:25pm


Episode 10 | Series 2

Jane is reconnected with an old friend when she tries to find out who left a girl to die.

Episode 3, Series 1

Friday March 5 at 12:30am

That's The Way To Do It

Episode 3 | Series 1

When the town's new mayor is found dead in a hotel room, Jane's quest for the truth puts her own life in danger.

Episode 4, Series 1

Saturday March 6 at 12:30am

The Fisherman's Tale

Episode 4 | Series 1

A local businessman is shot by a sniper, and Davey is forced to watch as an officer from the Metropolitan Police takes over.

Episode 5, Series 1

Tuesday March 9 at 12:30am


Episode 5 | Series 1

When a treasure hunter is found dead, Jane wonders if one of his colleagues wanted the loot for themselves.

Episode 6, Series 1

Wednesday March 10 at 12:30am


Episode 6 | Series 1

A man is found dead in a shipwrecked container on the beach. Davey is convinced it was an accident, but Jane fears darker forces.

Episode 7, Series 1

Thursday March 11 at 12:30am

Salcombe Selkie

Episode 7 | Series 1

The sleepy town of Lighthaven is stunned when a teenage girl returns from the dead.

Episode 8, Series 1

Friday March 12 at 12:30am

Napoleon's Violin

Episode 8 | Series 1

When the patriarch of the local aristocratic family is found stabbed, Jane investigates.

Episode 9, Series 1

Saturday March 13 at 12:30am

The Deep Freeze

Episode 9 | Series 1

When a man is found dead in a walk-in freezer, Jane and Davey's relationship is tested to the limit.

Episode 10, Series 1

Tuesday March 16 at 12:30am

Dirty Dancing

Episode 10 | Series 1

A woman drops dead in the build-up to a Latin dance festival in Lighthaven.

Episode 1, Series 2

Wednesday March 17 at 12:30am

The Drop Zone

Episode 1 | Series 2

Jane's fear of heights is tested when she and Davey investigate a skydiving accident.

Episode 2, Series 2

Thursday March 18 at 12:30am

Perfectly Formed

Episode 2 | Series 2

Building work at an abandoned cottage unearths a child's hidden remains.

Episode 3, Series 2

Friday March 19 at 12:30am

Those In Peril

Episode 3 | Series 2

After a hoax callout, a volunteer in the Lighthaven lifeboat crew drowns.

Episode 4, Series 2

Saturday March 20 at 12:30am

The Beast Of Lighthaven

Episode 4 | Series 2

A local journalist claims that there is a big cat on the moors, but nobody believes him.

Episode 5, Series 2

Tuesday March 23 at 12:30am

The Captain's Pipe

Episode 5 | Series 2

Mick's rival landlord is found dead on the beach and Jane must try to clear his name.

Episode 6, Series 2

Wednesday March 24 at 12:30am


Episode 6 | Series 2

A death in custody brings Jane face to face with the notorious child killer Sidney Sutton.

Episode 7, Series 2

Thursday March 25 at 12:30am

Perfect Pair

Episode 7 | Series 2

A window cleaner is found dead next to a sports care he doesn't own.

Episode 8, Series 2

Friday March 26 at 12:30am

The Foxby Affair

Episode 8 | Series 2

To explain the death of a recluse, Jane must first solve the disappearance of a playboy.

Episode 9, Series 2

Saturday March 27 at 12:30am

Pieces Of Eight

Episode 9 | Series 2

Lighthaven's Pirate Festival provides the perfect cover for a robbery.

Episode 10, Series 2

Tuesday March 30 at 12:30am


Episode 10 | Series 2

Jane is reconnected with an old friend when she tries to find out who left a girl to die.

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