Summer of Rockets

Thursdays 8.30pm

Show Synopsis

The emotive new thriller from Bafta and Emmy-winning writer Stephen Poliakoff. Toby Stephens and Keeley Hawes lead a stellar cast.

Britain, 1958. Relations with Russia are charged with suspicion and fear. As a Russian émigré, businessman Samuel Petrukin is determined to integrate his young family into the establishment.

So when Samuel meets the captivating Kathleen Shaw and her husband Richard – a war-hero and Member of Parliament – he’s dazzled by their upper-class glamour. But are his new friends all they seem?


Summer of Rockets

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About the show

Samuel is being followed by menacing MI5 agents. When they blackmail him into spying on the Shaws, Samuel is drawn into a dark web of deception.

As Samuel’s private life becomes more tangled with his mission, he makes some disturbing discoveries. Richard’s formidable friend, Lord Arthur Wallington, warns Samuel that these shadowy government operatives are tempting him into a deadly trap. And the Shaws are haunted by a secret tragedy in their past.

Samuel must decide which of them is planning to betray their nation. His decision could have sinister consequences for the country. The Cold War has swept old certainties aside: history hinges on a pivot. Samuel’s future, and the future of Britain, is shrouded in doubt. Who can he trust?

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