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In this astonishing innovative series, from the makers of Penguins - Spy in the Huddle, a team of life-like Spy Creatures go undercover to film love, intelligence, friendships and mischievous behaviour among some extraordinary animals.

How different are we to our animal cousins? Do they experience the same kind of emotion and intellect that we do? Meet the elephant aunts who act as midwives, the bowerbirds gathering trinkets to impress the ladies, the hippos having pedicures, the monkeys getting drunk and disorderly and chimpanzee policemen laying down the law. These moments, captured by a new generation of spy cameras, not only reveal a lot about animal behaviour, they also hint at how similar each beautiful form of life truly is.


Spy In The Wild

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Episode 1, Series 1

Sunday May 9 at 5:55pm


Episode 1 | Series 1

Spy Pup makes friends with a wild dog pack to investigate their maternal love.

Episode 2, Series 1

Sunday May 9 at 7:05pm


Episode 2 | Series 1

In Borneo, Spy Orang films orangutans washing with soap.

Episode 3, Series 1

Sunday May 9 at 8:15pm


Episode 3 | Series 1

The spy creatures go undercover to discover how friendship is a vital part of animal life.

Episode 4, Series 1

Sunday May 9 at 9:25pm


Episode 4 | Series 1

The animatronic spy creatures discover that mischief is rife in nature.

Episode 5, Series 1

Sunday May 9 at 10:35pm

Spy In The Wild: Meet The Spies

Episode 5 | Series 1

The behind the scenes episode shows the extraordinary effort that goes into making the spy cameras part of animal families.

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