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In this brand new series of SAS Who Dares Wins, 25 civilian recruits will be pushed to their limits in the extreme and unforgiving terrain of the Atlas Mountains in Southern Morocco. Over five thrilling episodes the recruits will be thrown in at the deep end as they endure punishing tasks derived from actual Special Forces Selection.

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This year, Chief Instructor Ant and his Directing Staff (DS) Foxy, Ollie and Billy are intensifying the course - adding twists and turns to the tasks in their quest to find men who are willing to drive their bodies and minds to the edge. This condensed version of SAS ‘Selection’ is the closest civilians can get to actual Special Forces training.

The DS and recruits will be based in a makeshift training camp inside a 150 year-old Kasbah in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. The soaring temperatures, surrounding arid landscape, vast mountains, canyons and deserts all trigger memories of the environments where the DS have fought during recent wars. For them, this is the terrain of modern warfare.

As the recruits progress through the course, they will discover harsh truths about themselves whilst revealing and facing their fears. As they are stretched to their limits, the underlying issues of masculinity and men’s mental health emerge as strong overarching themes. For many taking part, this will be a life changing experience, but who amongst them has what it takes to make it through to the end?

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Episode 5, Series 1

Monday August 19 at 11:35am


Episode 5 | Series 1

In the final episode of the series, the recruits are put through the most gruelling stage of selection - Interrogation. Do any of them have what it takes to join the Special Forces…

Episode 1, Series 2

Tuesday August 20 at 11:35am

Sas: Who Dares Wins

Episode 1 | Series 2

The recruits face a terrifying bridge leap before they can find their base. The jungle environment, altitude and insects take their toll, and the DS give special attention to two…

Episode 2, Series 2

Wednesday August 21 at 11:55am

Sas: Who Dares Wins

Episode 2 | Series 2

Chief Instructor Ant and his elite team test whether the remaining recruits can control their aggression, with a brutal game of murderball and the fearsome non-stop 'sickener' exercises

Episode 3, Series 2

Thursday August 22 at 11:50am

Sas: Who Dares Wins

Episode 3 | Series 2

The remaining recruits' trustworthiness is tested, as the directing staff sow distrust among them and ask them to identify their least trustworthy teammates, before a forward abseil…

Episode 4, Series 2

Friday August 23 at 12:00pm

Sas: Who Dares Wins

Episode 4 | Series 2

The directing staff apply pressure to the last eight recruits, exposing hidden personality traits before sending them into a gruelling 12-hour jungle mission high in the Andes.

Episode 5, Series 2

Monday August 26 at 11:45am

Sas: Who Dares Wins

Episode 5 | Series 2

In the final episode, the remaining recruits undergo the most psychologically demanding 24 hours: the resistance to interrogation phase, as they are abducted and intensively interrogated…

Episode 1, Series 3

Tuesday August 27 at 11:45am

Sas: Who Dares Wins

Episode 1 | Series 3

The recruits face a series of extreme, high-pressure tasks, including jumping from a moving helicopter into a lake and crawling across a vast canyon on a tightrope.

Episode 2, Series 3

Wednesday August 28 at 12:00pm

Sas: Who Dares Wins

Episode 2 | Series 3

The recruits must abseil 200 feet off a dam and climb a mountain in blistering heat.

Episode 3, Series 3

Thursday August 29 at 12:05pm

Sas: Who Dares Wins

Episode 3 | Series 3

The recruits race each other across sand dunes in the Sahara and must cross a valley at night while avoiding hunter teams who are tracking them with dogs.

Episode 4, Series 3

Friday August 30 at 12:00pm

Sas: Who Dares Wins

Episode 4 | Series 3

The recruits are captured and intensely interrogated in an extreme test of mental resilience, trust and moral judgement.

Episode 5, Series 3

Monday September 2 at 12:05pm

Sas: Who Dares Wins

Episode 5 | Series 3

Eighteen recruits down, seven to go and it's the most demanding final phase the instructors have ever designed.

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