Sacred Wonders

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Sacred Wonders reveals some extraordinary spiritual landmarks. Each site of worship has been built to honour the gods of a particular faith, whether Christian or Muslim, Jewish or Hindu, Shinto or Animist.

From one of the oldest mosques in Africa, to one of the world’s oldest synagogues in Israel; from Angkor Watt, the largest religious monument on earth, to a truly monumental Anglican cathedral in New York. Each landmark inspires dangerous physical challenges, personal sacrifice and extraordinary deeds of devotion.

Sacred Wonders

Sacred Wonders

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About the show

This thought provoking documentary follows devotees and penitents carrying out astonishing acts of worship. Learn about a young Apache girl’s grueling coming of age ceremony in a scared tepee in New Mexico, and a Shinto worshipper tasked with purifying the path of the spirits with fire, at a sacred waterfall in Japan.

Discover the individual acts of faith carried out at these stunning places of worship. You’ll never see these iconic landmarks in quite the same way again.

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