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We follow Ross to the most dangerous corners of the globe to meet the people at the heart of six important stories. With fast-paced action and moving testimony Ross explores the rise of armed race hate groups in Trump’s America, the killing of thousands of suspects in the Philippines’ war on drugs, the feuding gangs of Naples, the bandits of Madagascar, the drug epidemic sweeping through Palestine and the plight of migrants attempting the arduous journey through war-torn Libya.

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Ross takes on six new dangerous stories of men and women suffering war, crime, violence and poverty

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Episode One – USA In the wake of Trump’s election victory, Ross finds a country riven by racial hatred and extremists on both sides arming themselves for a coming war.

Episode Two – Manila In the midst of a war on drugs Ross meets the police and vigilantes accused of a wave of murders as well as drug users and dealers and the families of victims of the violence.

Episode Three – West Bank With peace seemingly as far away as ever, Ross uncovers a drug epidemic tearing through Palestinian territory and threatening the fabric of society

Episode Four – Madagascar
Madagascar is best known for stunning wildlife and landscapes, but today almost a third of the country has fallen into the hands of bandits who have driven thousands off the land and the government is struggling to regain control.

Episode Five – Naples
Naples is home to the camorra, the most powerful and biggest mafia in Italy. In 2016 a new generation of so called ‘baby gangs’ have unleashed a wave of violence in the city.

Episode Six - Libya Ross travels from the desert to the coast with migrants risking violence, kidnap and death in search of a better life elsewhere.

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