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In every culture, our rituals reveal what it means to be human. They allow us to express our identity, join us together and help us navigate through life. This epic and visually stunning series uses cinematic filming techniques to immerse viewers in incredible rituals from cultures across the globe, from the cities of Japan to the jungles of New Guinea.

These impressive rituals are both unique and universal, touching on moments that we all experience – from birth and death to marriage and funerals – yet celebrate in surprisingly different ways. Find out how the Brazilian Kayapo tribe paint their babies to protect them from evil spirits, see the powerful death ceremonies of the Indonesian Toraja, and learn how Chinese Long Horn Miao teenagers find love through ritual and song.



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The series reveals how ancient rituals bring communities together, and the extreme personal sacrifices people make to honour them. From the brutal initiation trials of India’s Jain nuns and the Kaningara tribe’s crocodile-scarring rituals to Japan’s joyous Otou Matsuri fire festival, find out how so many rituals are driven by the desire to belong.

Our rituals are constantly evolving to meet our modern needs. In Senegal, wrestlers use charms and potions to help them win big money fights, while in Nevada 70,000 people gather to be part of a new mass healing ritual of the Temple at Burning Man – first performed in 2000.

From the familiar to the previously unseen, Rituals captures the human race’s most remarkable stories, revealing in breathtaking detail the extraordinary, extreme and epic rituals that connect us all.

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