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Guy swaps the normal hire cars and excursions to museums for a classic Royal Enfield motorcycle he buys from Delhi's biggest bike market, and embarks on a series of unorthodox adventures that reveal an awful lot about modern India.

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Guy Martin has a love for adventure and they don’t come much bigger than an epic 1,600 km trip across India, culminating in one of the world’s maddest bike races. 

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He finds himself riding with a 50 strong biker gang armed to the teeth with smartphones, visits Asia's biggest truck yard to discover the 60 year old mother of 5 who works as a tyre fitter, and clambers 833 feet solo to the top of India's tallest building only to be disappointed by the state of the welding.

Guy's trip is a freewheeling dash taking in everything from the tea plantations near the Himalayas in the north to the tropical beaches of Goa in the south. It's an honest, authentic journey that at times sees this man who is so used to living his life to the extreme completely out of his comfort zone - from sleeping rough amongst rats as he suffers a 12 hour train delay to riding through the torrential rain of a monsoon. 

And yet there are also eye-opening experiences that change his outlook on life forever, like getting to teach a group of youngsters in Asia's biggest slum and meeting the family of six who live happily in a single room.

His adventure finishes by participating in the Blue Riband race at "Rider Mania" - the world's biggest gathering of Royal Enfield motorcycles. 5,000 bikers descend on Goa and Guy hopes the very same bike he's nursed around India's roads for a fortnight will be in a good enough state to be competitive. This proud racer changes nothing but the tyre pressures and takes to the start line for what could be the crowning glory of his trip, or the biggest embarrassment of his life...

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