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New York City is America’s commercial, economic and cultural heart and – according to the Global Economic Power Index – the world’s most powerful city. Such success would not be possible without cutting-edge logistics, engineering and technology. This eye-opening series visits three crucial locations in New York and explores the day-to-day details, everyday heroes and quirks of history that keep this mega-city motoring forward.

How does New York run so smoothly and with such success?

How does New York run so smoothly and with such success?

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Grand Central Terminal is the first port of call. With 46 platforms and a footprint of 48 acres, this is the world’s biggest railroad terminal. A group of presenters work alongside engineers and staff, explore the station’s secret power plant and reveal America’s biggest tunnelling project deep in the bedrock of the city.

Next up is the New Fulton Fish Market – the second biggest fish market in the world, which is ferociously busy at night.

And in the blazing midday sun, discover the meticulous planning that keeps Central Park the central focus of summertime in New York.

Real-life stories, hidden passageways, and record-breaking tunnel projects provide an illuminating glimpse behind the scenes of New York. A restless exploration of a city always on the move.

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