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Family entertainment that will make your face hurt. Michael McIntyre is one of the world’s most popular comedians, loved by millions, and he’s back on screen with six new hours of very special, primetime entertainment. With his trademark wit, warmth, funny voice and floppy hair, Michael McIntyre takes centre stage, hosting this sparkling, contemporary entertainment show. Timeless, hugely enjoyable and perfect for gathering a family together, Michael McIntyres Big Show will warm your heart and make you laugh until your face hurts.

Poster for Michael McIntyre's Big Show S4

Michael McIntyre's Big Show

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Episode 1, Series 1

Sunday August 2 at 7:30pm

Michael McIntyre's Big Show

Episode 1 | Series 1

Family entertainment with Michael McIntyre, with music from Tinie Tempah, acrobatics from the Peres Brothers Group plus one unsuspecting member of the public gets the surprise of their…

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