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For those who have earned enough, saved enough or won enough cash to buy into a luxurious Mediterranean lifestyle, Marbella is the place to be.

With 300 days of sunshine a year, 26 kilometres of sunny Mediterranean beaches, stunning views and luxury properties, it’s not surprising that this region of the Spain’s Costa del Sol is where many wealthy people want to call home.

This fascinating series follows the people keen to sell them that luxury lifestyle – the interior designers, estate agents and property managers working at the top end of Marbella’s housing market.

Amazing residences are built and refurbished to tempt and impress the super-rich, and many of the designers, developers and estate agents featured in the series also enjoy lavish lifestyles.

As well as giving an insider’s view of the types of properties bought and sold in the area, Marbella Mansions features everything from the refurbishment of a £6 million mansion that looks like it’s floating on water, to the transformation of a 19th floor apartment in Marbella’s only high-rise building that will result in stunning 360 degree views – and a £3.5 million price tag.

Each lively episode features a mix of big characters and tricky clients with high expectations. The designers are overseeing makeovers of some of the most expensive properties in the region, and the series offer viewers a window into a world that most can only dream about.

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