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Explorer Levison Wood is taking on a new expedition to cross the mighty Caucasus mountain range that lies between Russia and Iran, taking a new approach to exploring: making his way by any means necessary. Travelling with the locals and living as they do, Levison’s epic, 2,600-mile journey takes him through five countries, crossing the wild lands on the tense frontier between Europe and Asia and visiting some of the most fascinating and diverse people’s on Earth.

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Beginning in Southern Russia, Levison will track the mountains through increasingly dangerous terrain where Islamist fighters hide out in the hills, toward Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and into Iran: a highly secretive nation that’s been virtually closed off to westerners for decades.

Known as the ‘lands in between’, Levison will travel through these badlands that sit at the crossroads of two continents, and form a large part of the historic and mysterious Silk Route.

Crossing snow-capped mountains, canyons and volcanic deserts, Levison will see some of the most spectacular but little-known landscapes on the planet. Trailed by secret police, and passing through forgotten war zones, he will meet an array of extraordinary characters, from gold-toothed wolf hunters and reclusive monks to mothers of ISIS fighters and an Iranian biker gang.

As before, Levison films much of his expedition himself, capturing extraordinary, intimate moments rarely seen on screen - to deliver television’s rawest and most authentic travel series.

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