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Historically when recession bites, eating habits change – people tend to eat out less and be more indulgent at home. Now Hairy Bikers Si and Dave are feeding that appetite for affordable luxury in home cooking, teaching viewers how to cook gourmet food and spoil friends and family in the comfort of their own home.

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In each episode they create foodie family feasts, delicious dinner party dishes and luxurious lunches. Everything the Bikers cook will feel like a treat but won’t break the budget.

Over the course of the series the Bikers cook up some budget-busting delights in the home, garden and on the road.

They uncover frugal lessons from history, learn money-saving tricks from the restaurant trade and Michelin-starred chefs, discover a wealth of gourmet but affordable feasts from multi-cultural Britain and share their own wealth of thrifty tips.

At the end of each episode they use everything they have learned to throw a surprise gourmet feast of a life-time for some very deserving people.

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