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Gordon has made his name in British wildlife filmmaking, both as a cameraman and a presenter. Originally from Tobermory on the Isle Of Mull, Gordon has spent the last twenty years filming the wild, the weird and the wonderful animals that we share the planet with. Travelling to some of the world’s remotest corners he has worked across a wide variety of natural history programmes. With a passion for raising awareness about the fragility of the world’s endangered species and habitats, Gordon has filmed around the globe, in South America, Asia, Africa, the Arctic, Papua New Guinea, Russia and Alaska.

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Grizzly Bear Cubs & Me - Starts Tuesday November 26

At the Bubonitsy Orphan Bear Rescue Centre in Russia, researchers believe orphaned baby grizzlies can be successfully reintroduced into the wild without becoming a danger to humans or themselves.

In this series Gordon Buchanan joins the team in the depths of winter as new bear cubs arrive from all over Russia. Gordon must quickly get to grips with being mother bear – from keeping the orphans warm to bottle feeding them day and night. He has just six months to get them ready to survive back in the wild without their mothers.

It’ll be a bittersweet and tense moment when he has to release them. Will the bears manage to build a den to keep them safe for winter? Will the bears survive alone in the wild? And ultimately will the project be a success?

Elephant Family & Me - Starts Tuesday December 10

African elephants are one of the most dangerous animals in the world, killing more people than lions or any other predator. Gordon believes that elephants become dangerous only because of our actions towards them. Now he wants to see if it’s possible to gain the trust of these majestic giants and live in harmony with them.

Gordon follows the epic survival struggle of first-time mother Wendi and her spoilt new baby, Wiva, in a free-living herd. He walks with some of the largest tusked elephants on Earth and sees what it takes for an elephant family to survive in today’s Africa.

This is the astonishing story of Earth’s largest land animal, closer than we’ve ever been before.

Gorilla Family & Me - Starts Tuesday December 24

Grauer’s gorillas are beautiful yet little known giants living in the foothills of eastern Congo’s Virunga volcanoes. To get to know his gorilla family, Gordon must earn the trust of the massive and potentially dangerous Silverback male – Chimunka.

Suspicious of newcomers, Chimunka weighs three times as much as Gordon, and could tear him apart with his bare hands. But he’s also a caring and devoted parent to his children and the main carer for orphaned baby gorilla Mharle.

Winning acceptance from the Silverback isn’t the only challenge – Gordon must also watch out for powerful, testosterone-fuelled young males vying for supremacy within the family. When Gordon and the baby gorillas get caught up in an epic battle between Chimunka and his huge brooding rival Mugaruka, the lives of the family hang in the balance.

If he can become part of the Grauer gorilla family, he can show the world these unique great apes and help to bring hope to the eastern Congo.

Snow Wolf Family & Me - Starts Tuesday January 7

Wolves are one of the most iconic and fascinating animals on earth, yet biologists have never been able to follow the detail of their lives in the wild. Until now, our knowledge has come from captive animals and occasional glimpses in the wild.

Gordon Buchanan wants to get to know a wild wolf family so he can gain a better understanding of one of the world’s favourite and often feared animals.

On Canada’s Ellesmere Island lives a population of wolves so remote they are naive to man. It is in this extreme location that Gordon must try to gain the trust of a wild wolf pack and its three pups. Will these animals consider Gordon as prey or a competitor? And will they ever let a human into their pack? From the dramatic moment when Luna’s vulnerable three cubs emerge from her den for the first time, to Gordon’s attempts to be accepted by the pack, this is a year of joy, emotion and drama in Canada’s high Arctic wilderness.

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