Uncovering dangerous secrets

Inspector John Marlott is recruited by Sir Robert Peel to assist the investigation of a series of crimes in 19th Century London, which may have been committed by a scientist intent on re-animating the dead.

London 1827: River Thames at night - a smuggling operation is underway – suddenly, a river police launch is bearing down on the smugglers and a fight breaks out, followed by a furious chase to the shore.

As Marlott investigates, it brings him up against the medical establishment and powerful political forces wrestling with the march of scientific progress. One thing is certain - a demonic power is at work in the city, reanimating the dead.

Unable to shake the memory of what happened on the banks of the Thames but reluctant to admit the impossible, Marlott brings his enquiry to a dramatic conclusion. But in his moment of triumph, the true horror is revealed and an extraordinary final twist transforms Marlott’s world forever.

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Episode 1, Series 6

Sunday August 25 at 11:20pm

Call The Midwife

The team reunite but all is not well when a change of management shakes up Nonnatus House.

Episode 2, Series 6

Monday August 26 at 12:20am

Call The Midwife

An explosion at the docks brings heartache to the people of Poplar.

Episode 3, Series 6

Monday August 26 at 1:20am

Call The Midwife

The maternity home faces closure and Barbara cares for a Chinese first-time mother.

Episode 4, Series 6

Monday August 26 at 2:20am

Call The Midwife

An expectant mother with financial struggles enters into a painful arrangement with her cousin.

Episode 5, Series 6

Monday August 26 at 3:20am

Call The Midwife

Nonnatus House welcomes a new recruit, and a young man captures Fred and Violet's hearts.

Episode 6, Series 6

Monday August 26 at 4:20am

Call The Midwife

Valerie Dyer cares for a pregnant Somali woman whose culture has some unfamiliar aspects.

Episode 7, Series 6

Monday August 26 at 5:20am

Call The Midwife

The legacy of thalidomide becomes apparent and Nurse Crane faces an unexpected crisis.

Episode 8, Series 6

Monday August 26 at 6:25am

Call The Midwife

A wedding is hastily arranged following an unexpected turn of events.

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