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It’s the catch of the season as our three madcap fishing fanatics are back, embarking on even more exciting adventures across the globe. Get ready for bigger fish, bigger laughs and more extreme destinations in a series packed with adrenaline-fuelled fishing antics and plenty of friendly rivalry. Entertaining and informative for fishing and non-fishing fans alike, Series 2 takes ex Royal Marine Jay, marine biologist Blowfish and gadget-obsessed airline pilot Charlie to some of the most remote places on Earth. Forget simple fishing rods, this trio’s crazy fish-luring inventions have to be seen to be believed as they fish in the shadow of the Himalayas, search for monsters in the freezing Icelandic Atlantic and brave the crocodile-infested rivers of Zambia.

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Our three madcap fishing fanatics are back!

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1. What’s the ultimate catch? Hard to say really! A big easy fish isn’t worth as much as a small hard fish. I reckon the ultimate catch is bagging that fish in the last moments of the last day. Grabbing one at the 11th hour is our specialty.

2. Favourite fishing location this series? Underwater in Iceland. Catching wolfish by hand… I shall say no more. You’ll have to watch.

3. Which do you prefer - sea or fresh water fishing and why? Marine 100%! Mainly because I am a marine biologist, but also because you never really know what you might find.

4. Most dangerous encounter you had on this series? The tigers in Nepal were something to keep you on your toes. Hmmm, don’t really want to say too much, as I don’t want to give anything away. Certainly getting to one of our fishing locations in Portugal will stay with me FOREVER!

5. Fly or line fishing? Which do you prefer and why? Who knows! Charlie does Fly fishing and he seems to catch very little from it! Don’t forget, I do my best work with my bare hands.

6. What are the greatest lengths you’ve gone to in order to catch a fish? Nearly blowing out my ear drum under the ice in Norway was pretty intense… And as I say, Portugal was MAD. But then again, so was Iceland. I think the Iceland catch wins it for me. That was a real beast of a catch.

7. What’s been your most thrilling experience this series? The Manta Rays of Komodo. When we surfaced I could barely speak and was nearly in tears.

8. What’s the worst fishing related injury you’ve sustained? I grabbed hold of Charlie’s line underwater and tugged it for a joke. He decided to set the hook… into my hand. That hurt. But otherwise, just the usual getting nipped and bitten by critters we are working with. Nothing special… yet.

9. What’s the most extreme fishing expedition you’ve been on? Nepal was pretty intense. As was Mozambique! Anything in Africa or Asia is always hard because it is so remote and the conditions are damn tough.

10. Dream fishing destination? Rockpooling in the Galapagos.

11. Biggest fish you’ve caught? I’m not sure… Not sure at all! I don’t keep a record of these things. Maybe the King Mackerel I bagged in Mozambique, but I’d have to ask Jay or Charlie, they would remember better than me.

12. In terms of sustainability, what’s the best and worst species of fish to consume? Now here is a question that would take some answering. I could talk about this for hours and hours and hours. But… for your sake, I shall not. Basically, if it grows big and lives long it’s a bad fish to eat (Tuna, Shark, Cod). If it stays small and lives fast, it’s a damn good choice (Anchovy, Pilchards, and Mackerel). But that is the BROADSTROKE answer! It’s a very difficult question to be so precise on. So many fish species are in trouble now, it’s not looking good for any of them.

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Episode 1 | Series 2

The team head to Indonesia in search of one of the toughest fish in the sea. These brutes bully sharks by head butting them into submission.

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