Expedition New Earth

Wednesdays 8.30pm

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Time is running out. Asteroid strikes, disease epidemics and catastrophic climate change are fast-approaching threats to our beautiful blue home.

Stephen Hawking believes the human race has just 100 years to find a new place in the cosmos. It’s time to reach beyond our reality.


A user’s guide to colonising Earth 2.0

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Expedition New Earth

Join the brightest minds in the solar system to discover how this impossible fiction is becoming scientific fact. Pioneering thinkers at Nasa, Paranal Observatory, the European Space Agency and Ad Astra are making breakthroughs at the speed of light. And trailblazing researchers are discovering new planets every day. The hunt is on.

What psychological traits will it take to make the journey? Can we survive the dangerous radiation of space? How many of us should travel in the greatest exodus we’ve faced?

From plasma-powered rockets to miniature craft propelled by giant lasers, this landmark series finds the answers that will determine our fate.

We’ve always looked to the night sky in wonder. Now, our curiosity is opening a new universe of possibilities. Human ingenuity and thirst for adventure could make all this a reality. Our future is written in the stars.

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