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Mondays 8.30pm

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Sir David Attenborough, the Godfather of natural history TV, has introduced generations to the world’s furry and feathered friends.

BBC Earth presents Attenborough Mondays, a celebration of the world's greatest storyteller and naturalist.

Experience some of the greatest moments in natural history with a Sir David Attenborough documentary shown every Monday night.

Natural Curiosities S3 VCI

Natural Curiosities Series 3

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Episode 6, Series 3

Tuesday September 29 at 8:00am

Remarkable Regeneration

Episode 6 | Series 3

Legendary wildlife filmmaker David Attenborough reveals the animals that can do the seemingly impossible, including the salamander which can regenerate entire legs and tails to replace…

Episode 1, Series 4

Wednesday September 30 at 8:00am

David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities

Episode 1 | Series 4

A look at the bizarre and sometimes deadly hybrids, such as the pizzly bear and the killer bee.

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