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A compelling, provocative thriller that brings a law-abiding wife and mother, an eminent scientist, into the dock at the Old Bailey, caught up in a highly damaging and compromising lie…

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What could have brought a pathologically law-abiding woman, an eminent geneticist, into the dock at the Old Bailey, accused of complicity in a violent crime and in danger of being exposed in a highly compromising lie?  APPLE TREE YARD is a stunning psychological thriller about a respected female scientist and the single irrational act that leads to her standing trial for murder.

When Dr Yvonne Carmichael meets a stranger at the House of Commons she experiences such a powerful attraction that moments later she has sex with him in a public place without even learning his name. This is her first and only act of infidelity in a long marriage, a completely out-of-character moment of madness.

Apparently happily married, mother of two grown-up children, and highly respected in her work, Yvonne believes she is in control of her life and can keep this act, and the affair that follows, separate and secret. But despite the care she takes, her actions have consequences that spiral into greater deceit, and ultimately, a life-changing act of violence.

Adult, intelligent, provocative and thrilling, APPLE TREE YARD is a drama that explores the ease with which we can stray off our safe, familiar paths and become addicted to the stories we tell about ourselves. And as Hilary Mantel commented, it is about the fine line women tread and the price we pay for stepping over it.

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