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From the acclaimed writers of East is East - winner 16 major movie awards and the BAFTA Best Drama Winner, Shameless - comes a new school college based drama - The ABC. Combining sharp wit with emotional storylines, big characters and contemporary view of multi-cultural teenage life – the show promises smiles, laughs and tears.

Drama series about a new academy school that merges the lives and cultures of a community.

Drama series about a new academy school that merges the lives and cultures of a community.

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The ABC is set in Ackley Bridge; a Yorkshire town which has a large white community and a large Asian community – which don’t mix.

But that is about to change as the two main schools in the town, one predominantly Asian, the other predominantly white, merge.

We follow the increasingly chaotic lives of the teenagers, teachers and parents as their lives become unpredictably intertwined at the new Ackley Bridge College. We watch as they muddle their way through this new environment and attempt to mop up the mistakes they make along the way. Sometimes more successfully than others.

Will the new academy sink, swim… or implode?

Our stories will chart an uncompromising, clear-eyed, entertaining path through the minefield of growing up in an ever-changing world. We won’t shy away from multiculturalism nor from 21st century economic deprivation, modern jobs and job prospects, nor from an authentic account of a modern so-called ‘community’, nor from local corruption, immigration, drugs, sex, body image nightmares and life lived in cyberspace

A character-driven, gritty, funny, truthful, authentic, subversive, mischievous angle on a multicultural life…

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Episode 1, Series 2

Wednesday August 7 at 10:40pm

Ackley Bridge

Episode 1 | Series 2

The staff attend Samir's wedding reception where he is caught kissing Emma by Missy and Nasreemn. Kaneez knocks over the new Biology teacher while learning to drive and Year 11 take…

Episode 2, Series 2

Wednesday August 14 at 10:40pm

Ackley Bridge

Episode 2 | Series 2

Jordan offers to help with baby Jamie's christening. Cory lashes out during Rugby practice, and Missy finds herself at the mercy of a loan shark.

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