A very English Scandal

Starts September 20

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A Very English Scandal is the shocking true story of the first British politician to stand trial for conspiracy to murder. It's the late 1960s, homosexuality has only just been decriminalized, and Jeremy Thorpe, the leader of the Liberal party and the youngest leader ofany British political party in a hundred years, has a secret he's desperate to hide. As long as Norman Scott, his vociferous ex-lover is around, Thorpe's brilliant career isat risk, and eventually Thorpe can see only one way to silence Scott for good. The trial of Jeremy Thorpe changed politics forever as the British public discovered the darkest secrets of the Establishment and the lengths they’d go to conceal them.

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A Very English Scandal

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Episode 1, Series 1

Tuesday August 27 at 1:35pm

A Very English Scandal

Episode 1 | Series 1

In 1960s England, homosexuality is illegal but politician Jeremy Thorpe begins a whirlwind affair with young stable-hand Norman Scott. As Thorpe's career soars, the relationship turns…

Episode 2, Series 1

Tuesday August 27 at 2:35pm

A Very English Scandal

Episode 2 | Series 1

As Jeremy gets one step closer to becoming Prime Minister, Norman demands that old promises should be honoured. As his old affair with Norman threatens to derail his career, will Jeremy…

Episode 3, Series 1

Tuesday August 27 at 3:35pm

A Very English Scandal

Episode 3 | Series 1

Having survived a bungled attempt on his life, Norman Scott publicly accuses Jeremy Thorpe of being behind a plot to kill him.

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