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Comedy dream team Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders reunite for an hour of mirth and mayhem, and revisit the most memorable moments of their career. There will be favourite comedy sketches, legendary film spoofs and musical medleys. And wigs. Lots and lots of wigs.

300 Years of French and Saunders Video Poster

French and Saunders celebrate approximately 300 years of sketch-comedy gold in their first on-screen reunion for 10 years.

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About the show

Only the very silliest sketches will do. Enjoy once again the zany delights of ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Dawn?’, the llamas that look like the Bee Gees and the duo’s tribute to Pulp Fiction, with a brilliant (and bloody) guest appearance from pop star Lulu.

Laugh out loud at ‘The Lord of the Rings’, revel in the ‘Sound of Music’ and giggle at the grotesque delights of the ‘Two Fat Old Men’. There might even be some new material, as well as an homage to hit BBC show Sherlock. But that’s only if Dawn and Jennifer stop messing around in the costume cupboard and get a bit of work done.

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