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ANZ broadcasters’ deep commitment to BBC’s Natural History programming

Feb 11, 2020

TVNZ signs long-term partnership for BBC Planet franchise

BBC Studios and TVNZ have agreed a long-term partnership for the BBC Planet franchise, which will see TVNZ in New Zealand premiere five landmark series from the world-leading producers and distributors of Natural History programming, including the forthcoming Sir David Attenborough narrated Perfect Planet. The deal was announced today during an exclusive previewof the upcomingseries at BBC Studios’ industry-leading Showcase event in Liverpool.

The deal highlights an ongoing commitment to premium factual content and strong partnerships in both Australia and New Zealand. It also demonstrates how the BBC’s unique and ground-breaking Natural History programming continues to resonate with audiences across the region. In October 2019, BBC Studios and Nine announced they had forged a long-term deal for the BBC Planet franchise with the Australian broadcaster revealing it would premiere the five upcoming landmark series.

The agreement between BBC Studios and TVNZ is a multi-year deal that guarantees TVNZ the New Zealand premiere rights for the biggest Natural History series from BBC Studios over the coming years: five from the BBC Planet franchise and one other, still to be announced. The BBC Planet titles included in this deal are Seven Worlds, One Planet, Green Planet, Frozen Planet II and Planet Earth III produced by BBC Studios Natural History Unit and Perfect Planet produced by Silverback Films for the BBC. The broadcaster has already premiered a number of BBC Natural History landmark titles, including Dynasties, Serengeti and Blue Planet II, and is currently airing Seven Worlds, One Planet.

Deb Tod, Head of Content Sales and Co-Productions for BBC Studios ANZ says, “TVNZ has been a great supporter of our premium landmark Natural Histories for a number of years and we’re thrilled to partner with them for the BBC Planet franchise. This long-term partnership will deliver ground- breaking factual programming and unmissable event television that will strongly resonate with New Zealand audiences.”

Cate Slater, TVNZ’s Director of Content says, “BBC’s Planet franchise is landmark programming and we’re excited to bring these series to New Zealand viewers. In a time of unprecedented environmental change, these series give us a greater understanding and appreciation of our natural world – and never has that been more important.”

BBC Planet series are distinguished as the uber Natural History landmarks: premium unmissable natural history content, event television with high reach and impact. As well as the on air broadcast, the BBC Planet relationship covers integration opportunities online and off air, supporting the global TV event and the conversations generated around these pioneering flagship series.

Perfect Planet, is a five-part series shows how the forces of nature - weather, ocean currents, solar energy and volcanoes – drive, shape and support Earth’s great diversity of life. In doing so, it will reveal how animals are perfectly adapted to whatever the environment throws at them.